Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Qualifications and experience in managing associations:
Our firm has over 27 years experience in association management under the same ownership. All of our managers are licensed by the state and members in good standing with Community Associate Institute.

Q. Number and type of associations under management:
We presently manage over 250 associations. These include homeowners associations as well as condominiums, office condominiums, and cooperative association. Argus serves all types of properties from single family homes to newly constructed high-rise buildings, from small multi-unit buildings to large townhome associations and planned unit developments.

Q. Areas of the properties under management:
Argus provides services to properties in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Including Longboat, Lido, and Siesta Keys.

Q. Number of CAM managers you employ:
We presently employ fifty-four licensed Community Association Managers.

Q. Number of properties per manager:
We require that our portfolio property managers be able to handle on average of eight properties.

Q. Required qualifications and experience of property managers:
We hire experienced and licensed property managers. All CAM property managers are required to participate in career enhancement and continuing education classes. Several of our property Managers also hold licenses in related fields such as real estate.

Q. Attendance requirements of managers at meetings (board, committee, budget, etc.):
Our property managers attend all Board of Directors meetings, and Membership meetings.

Q. Monthly management fee and expected additional charges:
Subject to unforeseen mitigating circumstances we expect your management fee to be as outlined in the full detailed proposal that we will provide.

We have no "add-on" or "hidden" charges. Our fee will include all regular office, mailing, copies, and postage excluding mass membership mailings or mass copying.


  • Processing and setting up financial forms.
  • Preparing and copying monthly financials.
  • Certificates for transfer or estoppels letters
  • Typing, copying, and distributing minutes to the board.
  • Individual copy service per page.
  • Cellular telephone calls.
  • Setting up additional accounts.
  • Administering additional accounts.
  • Purchasing certificates of deposits.
  • Rolling over certificates of deposits.
  • Changing association bank accounts.
  • Renewing bank signature cards.
  • Backing up computer files on disks.
  • Attending Board of Director meetings lasting more than two hours.
  • Preparing for and meeting with governmental agencies over association property.
  • Attending hearings for unit owner fines.
  • Assisting or writing bid specifications.
  • Reviewing requests by unit owners for modifications of common elements or their units.
  • Assisting in the preparation of income tax returns.
  • Assisting in the coordinating amendments to association documents including rules and regulations.
  • The administration of special assessments.
  • Tracking or expending reserve funds.
  • Investigating, reporting, supervising the repair of insurance claims by association insurance agent.
  • Emergency calls after hours and on weekends
  • Accepting payments at our office
  • Creating and maintaining Association’s web page
  • Creating and mailing delinquent statements
  • Creating and mailing violation letters to owners
  • Checks to pay Association’s Bills
  • Correcting records from prior management companies
  • Establishing accounting system for new associations
  • Preparation of Notice of Commencements
  • Preparation Liens
  • Interviewing and Approval of Potential Buyers
  • Supervision of Capital Expenditure Projects

Q. Reasons your company is better than other management companies:
There are many reasons why we believe that we provide better management services. Some are as follows:

  • The low number of units and associations our property managers handle allows our managers more time for individual associations.
  • Argus Property Management, Inc. decentralizes its services giving your Board of Directors, Committees, and owners better access to our staff.
  • Our property managers are better trained in all aspects of management including maintenance, financial, and ministerial.
  • Our senior property managers share in corporate profits and also have decision-making roles.
  • Our managers understand the differences between condominiums and homeowners associations, including management issues and legal requirements.
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